Tuesday, February 5, 2013

JJS History Month: Day 5

Space, the final frontier....is it? I don't know. Maybe.

Ive asked many people that, if they ever had a chance to go into Space, would they go? The answer I get 99% of the time is NO. I think I got an I guess so once.
Well, Jason J Sergi would definitely go into space, even if it was only for a second. I love to travel and I think Space would be a pretty cool destination. Though, I guess it would be kinda hard to send a postcard back to the fam but the photo ops would be awesome.

I can see why many people wouldn't want to go  to Space, especially if it was to be a long journey. Even a short, Low Earth Orbit trip poses risks: blasts of deadly radiation, micro debris that can punch a hole in your spacecraft or you or both, mechanical failure, boredom, etc, etc.

To me, it would be worth the risk. It sucks to think about but Mars is probably the farthest I will ever be able to go in my lifetime, and that only a slight maybe. Still, if I had the opportunity Id do it, despite it being a 2 year minimum round trip. 6 months to get there (with ultra economy class accommodations; weight, or lack thereof, is a factor in getting away from Earth, so only take the essentials), a half a year with other people you better learn to like, a half a year where anything can go wrong and you cant go back or call for help. Then you have to land on Mars precisely, especially if there are no advanced bases already in place. From there, you're stuck for another year before the next window opens up and you can start the return journey...and you better hope that whoevers piloting the return craft gets the trajectory right, or you'll miss Earth altogether and just keep on going into the vacuum until the spacecraft ran out of oxygen  or some other nasty treat obliterates the craft. So better bring a pistol. A small one.

But I'm an optimistic guy, so the trip to Space that Jason J Sergi takes will be flawless and fun and Ill have an awesome story to go with another awesome experience.

Still, I would pack a pistol.

PS: I cant stand when people refer to themselves in the 3rd person. Just sayin.

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