Thursday, February 7, 2013

JJS History Month: Day 7

It's lucky number 7. If you believe in that shit; which I may or may not.

Today I'm talking about pen names. I've never used anything drastic, when it came to mine. For my early work, short stories mostly, I used JJ Sergi, thinking it would be my author name for my entire career. But it had always seemed kinda weak to me, so I went and experimented with a few different combos, never straying too far from my real name. I even thought of using something completely off track like Agent X or Dungeon Master, or something cooler. But I didn't want to do that too early in my career because then I thought people wouldn't believe it was me who was writing the books, and then that they'd be disappointed to find out that the mysterious Agent X from Beyond was just Jay Sergi from New England.
So when I got the contract for the first novel, I agonized over what the byline would be. A small thing that most people wouldn't worry about, but I'm not most people. During the writing process I went through several different variations of my name, including Jason J Sergi. But I didn't want to use an initial since i felt that a lot of authors already used the practice and that it would be cliche, being the new guy, to follow suite.
Now, if I remember right, I had finally given in and put JJ Sergi on the final draft of the ms and it stayed that way right up to the last second when the editor asked if there was anything I wanted to change before it went to the printer. I told her to get the JJ Sergi out of there and put in the Jason J Sergi. And I've been glad I did ever since.

I'm Jason J Sergi, and no matter how many genres I end up writing in, that's probably who I'll always be.


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