Friday, February 8, 2013

JJS History Month: Day 8

Today's fun fact is about  Blizzards! I thought it only natural since today (and most of tomorrow) New England will be getting walloped by the biggest blizzard since The Blizzard of '78. This is relevant to me since I was born in the year of the last big one, though I missed all the big stuff since, while I was pretty much alive at the time, I hadn't been born yet.

Now anyone who's ever spent a winter in New England has lived through a blizzard. Most of the time its no big deal, if a little annoying due to closings and power outages, but nothing too bad.

This one here, in 2013, is supposed to rival the one in '78. That was a bad one where people literally  ran out of gas on the highway and froze to death in their cars. I hope none of that happens here, or that we lose power for too long, but I would like to experience a real blizzard. I mean, its like living in California and never experiencing a good-sized earthquake or being in Florida and never having lived through a true hurricane. I guess today and tomorrow I'll have my chance. Wish me luck!

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