Saturday, February 9, 2013

JJS History Month: Day 9

Today's fun fact might be the funnest one so far. Its about Ouija boards, ie witch boards, talking boards, spirit boards...whatever you want to call them. But actually this fun fact is only about one Ouija Board.

Now, anything made by Milton Bradley or Hasbro you would think was just a game. Its hard to think that an object like that, which is massed produced and marketed for the youth, could hold any kind of otherworldly powers.  And I hope, for my sake, they dont.

Back in the day when I was a wee one, about 13 yrs old, me and two other friends broke out the old Ouija board and started asking it stupid, 13 yr old like questions, and got stupid, 13 yr old like answers. And none of us knew if one or both of the other two were pushing the planchette; I knew I wasn't.

So after goofing off for a while, two of us decided to ask the board, or the spirits, when we were gonna die. For my friend, the answer was 15. My other friend didn't want to know so never asked, but I did.

Now, when you're 13 you think you're gonna live forever no matter what, so we laughed off the lame answers and never thought anything of the Ouija board again until, at 15, the friend who had asked with me died in a skiing accident. True story.

Now, that brings me to what the board told me, tho I cant remember if it was 35 or 36 but it was definitely one of the two. Should I be worried? 99% of you would prob say no, that my friend dying at the prophesied age of 15 was just a coincidence and I would hope that was right.

Now, Ill be 35 in July. The bright side of this is that I can do whatever I want until then and I prob wont die. After that things get a little iffy for the next year or two. And to make matters worse, I hate the number 13...which happens to now be my apt number AND the year I turn 35 in. Not cool.

I know one thing, I wont be happy till my 40th b-day comes and goes--never thought Id say that lol

So if anyone wants a book signed, let me know soon--wink

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