Friday, March 22, 2013

Nonari This, Nonari That

So, since finishing Nonari Book 3 Ive been putting some work into the remainder of the series. Book 4 is all outlined now; not chapter outlined but I have a strong beginning. middle, and an end. Ive also added to the outlines of Books 5 and 6 and decided that what was going to be Book 5 wont be written anytime soon, and that Book 6 will now be Book 5 and Book 6 will be the last Book.
Well, naturally Book 5 was to follow Book 4, but 5 had always been the oddball of the 7. It wont do anything to advance the story and was to serve as a This is what may happen if so-and-so fails for the readers of the series; but the whole novel would have been just a sub-plot, so I'm cutting it out of the main sequence. The reader wont miss a thing and I may yet write that part of the story, maybe as a stand alone, or maybe as a novella if Spore Press decides to put out an anthology.
Anyways, as a consequence of cutting out the original Book 5, the original Book 6 will now be Book 5, and the original 7 will now be the 6th and final book of The Nonari Series.
So we have two more undercard bouts before the main event, but trust me, the main event is gonna be a doozy.

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