Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Memories of The Dead (update)

So, Memories of The Dead was supposed to be released today but it ran into some trouble at the printer; problem was, the book is ginormous. Too big for a printer and too big a file to upload to the online stores. So the solution is gonna be a traditional one: breaking the book in half.
Memories of The Dead will now be released in a couple of days as Memories of The Dead Part 1 and Memories of The Dead Part 2. And, as far as I know, both books will be released simultaneously.

Below is the teaser I got directly from the publishers website:

 In an effort to end Homage, Warden Zorfrane plans to kill The Grand Despot and the other Gods of Glimmerblade but, if successful, he will unwittingly bring down the very barriers which control Time and Reality, setting the stage for another War of Loss.

Jalok, a young and adventurous farmer, has no idea that events both close to home and across the ocean are spurring him on toward a future where his doom is likely and the salvation of the world anything but as reality unravels all around, lands shift, and the long dead return in droves.

It will be up to Jalok, and a loose coalition of allies and enemies, to discover why these disturbing events are happening, and then find a way to stop them…but it might already be far too late.

The first War of Loss nearly destroyed a kingdom; the second threatens to destroy the world.

Thats where we stand right now, but Ive been assured by the publisher that by tomorrow night, or Thursday the latest, the Book(s) will finally be made available.

Also, to hold anyone interested over, you can read a portion of the prologue here: Unholy Endeavor

Ill post here again the second I know that book has gone live....thank you all for your patience!

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