Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Dead Are Lurking Closer

I just finished and sent back the return edits for Memories of The Dead so it looks like everything is on track for an Oct 15 release. The cover was finalized about a month ago and it looks pretty sweet; fits the story really well. Now it goes to the copy editor and then everything gets thrown together and made available to the reading public.
Once I get the confirmation I will set up some giveaways, contests, etc, etc.
Now I need to put my eyes back in my head, get rid of this headache, and get back to work on Book 1 of the New Sci-fi trilogy I'm in the process of writing.  I'm halfway through the third draft now. Once I finish that and send it off to an editor I'm gonna get right to working on the sequel to Memories of The Dead before I even think of doing anything else.

Thats it for now, kids. Stay in school and keep an eye out for the dead. 


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