Monday, January 27, 2014

Do's and Dads

It's only January and already 2014 is shaping up to be a busy year. The Forvian Sphere just came out last week. I'm working on an antho of short stories that will contain both previously published and unpublished short stories of mine. That is set to be due out by mid-Feb and then I'll be getting to work on the final edits to The Divine Plan, the sequel to The Forvian Sphere. That should be out around the beginning of April. Certainly not before.

And the ball keeps rolling; no rest for writing. Book 3 of The Nonari will be out by July, and Hunters of Shadow could very well be out before then, and then I can get to work on Nonari Book 4 (the first draft is partially done).

And there is much, much more on the way that I cant talk about (tho I really want to) pending contracts and all that good stuff.

Keep your eyes pasted here on Feb 1st for a big announcement regarding The Forvian Sphere

Until then, I hope your year is going as good as mine is so far (knock on the woods)


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