Friday, January 24, 2014

The End of The Nonari Has Begun

At long last my book, The Forvian Sphere (book 1 in the End of The Nonari Series) has officially begun its journey into the reading world.

The Kindle Exclusive Version can be purchased here:Forvian Sphere (kindle)

and the print version can be purchased here: Forvian Sphere (print)

From the back cover:

Take a journey through a gritty dystopia; a post-cataclysmic world where nothing is as it seems and where nothing will ever be the same.
Jacint Gallo will be your guide; follow him on his search for answers through a blasted scape, where death is always just a breath away. Discover with him a world he’d always known become nothing like what he thought it was or had been.

He seeks out The Forvian Sphere, but The End of The Nonari is coming…and he—and you—may not survive to witness it.

In the meantime, the questions will become: what lies within The Forvian Sphere, and will it help to save a dying world…or will it help to finish it off?

I will post here as other versions and carriers become available.

Reviews Welcome! I love you all!


And another special thanks goes out to my multi-talented/illustrator/friend: Randy Carvalho.

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