Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Divine Plan

The final edits for The Divine Plan (End of The Nonari, Book 2) are all wrapped up and ready to go. Just waiting on the cover and, once that's in and ready to go, the book should be out and available on the market by early-to-mid April. Woot!

Heres a teaser:

The Nonari is in turmoil. The Forvian Sphere is tearing it apart in its death throes. Wars and disease rage across the combined worlds. One being, calling itself The Patriarch, has vowed to save it, but others—those without the knowledge The Patriarch contains—have positioned themselves against The Divine Plan and mean to overthrow The Patriarch, and to destroy those who follow.
Factions are formed, battle lines are set. But triumph will offer poor spoils to the victor, for The Engineers are coming, and they have their own plans for The Nonari.

And for those interested in The Divine Plan, I suggest picking up a  copy of The Forvian Sphere  and reading that first. It all starts there.


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