Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Hunters of Shadow

Just spotted my new book, The Hunters of Shadow  out and live over at Amazon, so check it out! Hunters is the 3rd installment of my Road to The Golden Griffin series, which will total 10 books in all once finished. So if you like the first three, you'll have plenty of reading enjoyment for years to come.

While all three books stand on their own, I wouldn't start with Hunters. Check out the first two first.

The Hero of Twilight

The Threat of Saint Flesh

and then!

The Hunters of Shadow

And that's not all. If any of those tickle your fancy then you def need to check out this:

Memories of The Dead (part one)

Memories of The Dead (part two)

An epic so big that it needed two volumes to contain the first novel, and there are still two more books in the trilogy to go! Set in the same world as Road to The Golden Griffin, Memories takes place hundreds of years later.

I hope any of the above brings you happiness! Thanks for reading!


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