Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hunters of Shadow (Update!!! Three Book Sale!!!!!)

Update: Just heard back from the publisher; we re gonna do a discount on all three books!

You can now get both the print and ebook versions of Hunters of Shadow (Book 3, Road To Golden Griffin) for 25% off!!!!!! Just click the links below and type in the codes provided during checkout. And as part of the extended promotion, you can also get the ebook versions of the first two books in the series, also for 25% off!!

Hero of Twilight (EBOOK)
Code: CG75J 

Threat of Saint Flesh (EBOOK) 
Code: DX58W

Hunters of Shadow (Print)

Hunters of Shadow (EBOOK)
Code: XA82V

Codes are only good until July 15th so get it while it lasts!

Thanks everyone for reading! Hope you're enjoying your summer!


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