Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dorn's Act (extended ending)

Here is the extended ending of Dorn's Act, my sci-fi story that appeared in the Forging Freedom: Dimensions antho. Before reading, I suggest you pick up a copy of Forging Freedom: Dimensions and read my story, (and the other stories within) for the full experience. Either way, I hope you enjoy the read.

Dorn's Act (extended ending)

Like a drop that ripples the water of a puddle, the phenomenon that was soon dubbed Dorn’s Act had spread among the slaves, taking root within their hearts and minds. It incubated there, slowly growing, the beginnings of a powerful force.
     The movement started in fits and spurts; an occasional slave would refuse to work, or do as they were told. Then small groups began acting out, rebelling against their slavers. Small groups soon turned into whole sectors, with slaves turning on their captors at every opportunity.
     The ripples eventually turned into waves and soon it was known that the Nullbians weren’t invincible, that they were vulnerable.
     Slaves and the free oppressed alike began to rise up all across The Nullbian Empire in force.  Small guerrilla armies were formed, striking at the enemy from the hidden depts. Small armies became larger ones and the Nullbian grip on The Empire began to crumble. 
     The liberation of the first planet was celebrated with the freeing of another and another.  Whole Star Systems were freed and they united to gnaw away at the weakened core of the beleaguered Empire.
     In the end, it collapsed under its own treachery and the Freedom Fighters danced upon the twisted corpse of The Emperor.
     In victory, a statue was commissioned by the new leaders of The Allied Planets of Peace, erected within a square in the center of Koravan City. It depicted a man standing defiantly in the cowering face of the former Emperor of Nullbia.  At the base of the statue were etched the words: Dedicated To The Man Who Gave His Life, So That Others May Live Free.  Dorn of Koravan.  
THE END          

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