Monday, December 29, 2014

First Encore (or Jay is a forgetful twit)

I'm back, thank you, thank you, thank you, oh please you're too kind.

Ahem. In all this holiday madness I forgot to mention that Void Legions will only be at its current price while it's up for pre-order. After its official release, that price goes up. If your anything like me then you're a bargain hunter, so don't pass it up! Still got till Jan 10th for that though.
But, perhaps more importantly, this is the last day Forvian Sphere will be free for a while. Why waste your time pre-ordering the third book if you don't know if you like the first? Here's your chance to get the first risk free; all you need is your time, and a Kindle or compatible app. Links below.

Forvian Sphere (Free)

Void Legions (Pre-order Sale)

I should mention that all of The Nonari books will going up in price after the 10th. I wish I could sell them all for a buck forever, or even give them away for free, but unfortunately that's not reality. There WILL be sales and giveaways in the future though so it's not all bad.

Signing off again....unless there was something else I which case I will be back sooner than later---wink

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