Monday, February 2, 2015

The Fallen

The last installment of Children of The Forgotten is now out!

The Fallen

Thanks to Cornelius and his Black Lions, The Empire is now armed with fresh new intel in which to combat the Vrilkist with, giving renewed hope to the beleaguered imperial forces.
The timing couldn’t be better, for a massive Vrilkist armada is forming above the outpost world of Bloody Eye. From Bloody Eye, the Vrilkist will be able to strike deep into The Empire, perhaps even as far as New Earth itself.

Elsewhere: Now that Grand Commander Yhoto has been disposed, the imperial forces are ready to launch The Third Battle of Klandine to dislodge the Vrilkist once and for all

In Ara, the rebels and separatists still pose a dire threat, one which may be The Empire’s ultimate undoing.

The fates of Bloody Eye, Klandine, and Ara hang in the balance, and a surprise revelation may mean that that the Vrilkist War is actually but a series of smaller battles being waged as part of a much larger, far more ancient conflict. 


Book One of Children of The Forgotten is now complete. On to Book Two.

As always, thanks for reading.

Long Live The Empire!

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