Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blog Action (or a needless rant)

Well, once again I have neglected my poor little lonely blog. I would promise to never do it again but that would be a boldfaced lie. Let's face it, this blog is full of good intentions that only have a 50/50 chance of ever panning out as planned. The problem is, I have WADD (Writer Attention Deficit Disorder). Once I'm actively working on a project, that's all I think of and work on it obsessively until completion. But I have to be in the mood to work on a specific project, whether it be genre, content, length,  deadlines, demand. So when I finish one, with plans to dive right into the next one that I said I was gonna do, if I'm not feeling it,  it doesn't happen. Instead I hit up one of the other hundred thousand or so projects on the roster or I create a new one...and often times when the latter happens I create SEVERAL new ones, the roster ever growing.

This is what happened recently. For the past three months I have been working on a horror novel called Crossroads, part one in a new trilogy. My plan was to jump into the sequel, but then I was hit with WADD. It's not that I wasn't feeling it or the genre or anything, but it has to do with DEMAND. I have a hard time focusing on sequels when the initial entries are hanging in limbo or if the subsequent sequels flop. For instance, Vatters of Klon, Book 1 in my Sunjack Trilogy, has been picked up by a publisher. But until I see it on shelves or online, I don't plan on writing the sequel. I want to, really bad, but as a writer, I want to develop a stable audience who wants to read and enjoy my stories, and I want to feed that audience a constant diet of words. I feel if I spend the better part of two years working on one series, and those books may or may not see the light of a bookstore for another year or two after that, then I feel like I'm wasting precious time. Therefore, I've been doing as I have been for about five years now: working on a variety of projects, working with different publishers, different editors, even self-publishing after getting burnt a time or two, all in a effort to stay busy, and stay in touch with my fledgling audience. Even though it's been five years (been seriously writing for 11!), I'm still very much a new  guy on the scene and can't afford to laze about, twiddling my ya-ya.

So, in a nutshell, if a series of mine gets picked up and is put on a consistent schedule, said audience  will see the sequels; until then, I will be at my comp working on the next project...whatever that will be. No promises.

But to back up just a bit, I have written sequels that have been published. Just look up Road to The Golden Griffin and End of The Nonari. The first book of the former did "ok" in terms of sales but the next two flopped. (I have my theories as to why but I don't think it was the content; let's just say "Don't judge a book by their covers"; in addition to lack of commercial backing ) but the End of The Nonari, ALL the books did terrible. (I have my theories here as well: possibly the content--some of it is a tad controversial--possibly lack of commercial backing--I self-published these after the publisher who picked them up dicked me around for  two years--possibly my bad marketing techniques, or perhaps they just suck all around.) I don't know but I like both stories and will finish them when they someday fit the above DEMAND criteria or when I feel like it, whichever comes first.

In contrast to those, I recently serialized my military sci-fi book: Children of The Forgotten, and all four installments blew ALL my other books out of the water, as far as sales and audience goes. I'm still not sure why; the only thing I did different was serialize it. Perhaps that's the key, or perhaps this story has what the others lack. I have no idea. All I know is that I promised a sequel for late 2015, early 2016, but if the DEMAND doesn't justify it then I may miss that mandate. (for more on Children of The Forgotten news, checkout my next post.)

In closing, my next project is currently (don't laugh) a trilogy based on my short story The Hunters, a sci-fi vampire tale that was originally published in 2011 in Hungur Magazine, but I always felt the larger story needed to be told, and so I'm doing it now in lieu of all else.

If you read this far then you deserve a medal. I got one more post to do and then I'm going back under for a bit to run with The Hunters for a while. See you soon! (like really soon)

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