Friday, June 26, 2015

Another Kindle Kountdown

Just a heads up and some small updates. The Kindle version of Children of The Forgotten is on sale for the next week: 6/26- 6/30. It's a Countdown Promo so the sooner you buy the better, so spread the word. The print version is also slightly discounted and will remain so for the week. Links below.

Children of The Forgotten(Kindle)

Children Of The Forgotten(Print)

A separate but identical promo will be held for my Brit friends and readers across the pond starting 6/28. I'll keep you posted.

As to what else me, The Sergi-Man, has been up to: well, writing my face off and living. That's about it. I always feel guilty when I neglect the blog for any length of time since people like to read blogs, and active blogs are better. I'm one of those people too. I read a lot of blogs, almost exclusively by bloggers whose content is about writing, speculative fiction, or publishing. (Though I did follow one blog where the blogger was dying; THAT was a soul crusher right up to the end). So when one goes dark for weeks or months, the voyeur in  me gets a little sad.

Truth be told, I could fill this blog up with a bunch of meaningless bullshit, but I would rather email, text, or talk to people (readers/friends/critics) about the subjects one on one or in a group, rather than posting it here. I'm a private person, not one of those people who post their life stories online. I'm reluctant to post pictures of my kid online, never mind posting pics of what I eat every minute of the day etc, etc.

 Back in the day I did Jay History Month....I think it lasted a week.  But I did try.

So instead I stick mostly to my writing news, since that's what most people are interested in here, I think. With that said, I do plan on putting more effort and interesting content into the blog to satisfy all you voyeurs out there.

To start, here's some of the usual: I'm workin my ass off with The Hunters Book One; I'm also working on two short stories, one with a deadline, one without, but Hunters has my focus. The first draft stands at 10K words as of now, but of course that number will grow exponentially by draft's end. I'm expecting the final draft to come in around 80-100k but it could go longer, certainly not less. We'll discover the final number together. (And of course Book 2 of The New Empire is waiting in the wings)

That's it for now, my friends. Have an awesome weekend and keep writing and reading!


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