Friday, June 5, 2015

One More About The Crystals

As you can see below, I have posted Remembering Crystals, complete with a Brief History of The Imperial Confederation of Ertho.  I say brief because, even though this one is just under a thousand words, if I were to tell the entire history, including all the wars, large and small, and all the major events and milestones, we'd be talking a text ending somewhere at the millions of words mark. So for this I decided to only add those events relevant to three books of The New Empire Trilogy, and even then I had to boil it down to the basics.

Will the entire history of The New Empire universe ever appear in text? Answer: unlikely given the sheer size. I can tell you that about one third of that history exists in notebooks and comp files. The rest is all in my head and has been there for about five or so years so it's not goin anywhere anytime soon. I would like to get most of it out of my head before I die. The three main books of New Empire will certainly reveal and explain a lot of it , both in great detail and in summary. And both Remembering Crystals and The Midnight Scorpion will do the same. I also plan on writing a bunch of aforementioned spinoffs and stand alones, consisting of prequels, sequels, and parallels to the main story; the only question is, how many? I have no problem with writing fifty or sixty 200K word books on the subject, but how many would be too much? If I may be so bold as to call The New Empire series a franchise, I feel like too much a good thing, no matter how dynamic, can ruin a franchise. The better ones smack the audience with a one two punch and leave them wanting more.

Time will tell as it always does.

For those who want the Kindle edition of Remembering Crystals, here's the link:

Remembering Crystals

It's up for .99 cents right now but will be free starting tomorrow until the 10th, I believe, and then it will be back to .99 cents for the next two and half months before going free again and so on. So if anyone's interested in the freebie, spread the word.

Ok, peeps, I'm gonna be spending the next week working on Midnight Scorpion and The Hunters, so you prob won't hear from me until then but I'll be thinkin about all of you. (creepy right? Tee hee)

Thanks everyone!


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