Thursday, June 4, 2015

Remebering Crystals (update)

Okay, so Remembering Crystals has hit a slight snag. Nothing too major. The Good News: Remembering Crystals will be out by tomorrow. The Bad News: I can't have it up on Amazon for  free all the time as I'd planned.

To circumnavigate this, it will be free for five days every three months and just .99 cents the rest of the time. Also, I will post the story here on the blog where it WILL be free forever. The only difference between the two versions will be that the Amazon version is the full package that you can read on a Kindle while the blog version you'll have to read on a comp or other device. Though you could simply copy and paste it to a Word doc along with the cover image.

 Whichever you decide, one, the other, or both, this one's for you guys and gals. I love ya.

The same will go for The Midnight Scorpion, which is still on schedule for next Friday.

Have a great weekend!


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