Thursday, July 16, 2015

Varsavian Sale

In addition to Children of The Forgotten, my other print titles in Varsavian Press' library have all been discounted for a limited time in the CreateSpace Store. You won't be able to find them cheaper anywhere so now's the time to grab em! Check out the links and info below.

Let Nature Decide
The prophecy laid out by Voltan’s Doomsday Algorithm has come to pass. A worldwide conflict has civilization plunging in a downward spiral.
As part of the organization known as The Network, the survivalist group, Voltan’s Survivors, head to an underground compound beneath the mountain known to them as Prometheus Mons. The plan is simple: shelter in safety, defend, reproduce, then resurface when all is safe again.
But just days into their survival plan, one of the Survivors is murdered. Suspicion is cast on all parties, and paranoia over a killer (or killers) loose in their midst immediately begins to gnaw away at the group. Then another of their own dies, and another. As their numbers dwindle, so does the pool of suspects.
It will be up to the innocent of the group to find and stop the killer (or killers), but everyone has a past, and sometimes those pasts lead to the end of others’ futures.
It’s nature’s way, and nature will decide the outcome in the end.


The Forvian Sphere

Take a journey through a gritty dystopia; a post-cataclysmic world where nothing is as it seems and where nothing will ever be the same; a dying world that wreaks death and destruction with each shuddering gasp it takes.
Its salvation may lie within the mythical Forvian Sphere, but The End of The Nonari is coming and the questions will soon become: what truly lies within The Forvian Sphere, and will it help to save a dying world…or will it help to finish it off?

The Divine Plan

The Nonari is in turmoil. The Forvian Sphere is tearing it apart in its death throes. Wars and disease rage across the combined worlds.
One being, calling itself The Patriarch, has vowed to save The Nonari with The Divine Plan, but there are others who oppose this course and mean to overthrow The Patriarch before it can be realized.
Factions are formed; battle lines are set. But triumph will offer poor spoils to the victor, for The Engineers are coming, and they have their own plan for The Nonari. 

The Void Legions

War rages on every front.
The Patriarch fights to establish The Divine Plan, using fire and sword when needs be.
The Savior fights to resurrect an empire, battling through betrayal and assassins to meet this lofty goal.
The Priders fight for revenge and conquest, and will not stop until they have acquired both.
Meanwhile, Tanaska and his horde still roam The Nonari, gathering strength, and will soon be strong enough to challenge The Patriarch and the followers of The Divine Plan.
But The Engineers have arrived to begin their recycling of The Nonari, and they find the doomed inhabitants less than cooperative. To quell this resistance, The Engineers deploy one of the most efficient weapons in their arsenal: The Void Legions.
With The Nonari's factions divided as they are and unification an impossibility, the inhabitants will have little chance against this new, relentless force.
Can and will sworn enemies ally with one another before it's too late?
The End of The Nonari draws ever closer.

That's it, guys. Thanks for checking me out, I love you all.


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