Saturday, August 22, 2015

Vatters Coming Very Soon

Got word from the pub yesterday that Vatter of Klon (Sunjack Book One) will be out sometime next week! I was also told that the cover above may or may not be the final cover but it should be pretty close.

More on what Vatters is about:

0060706288378—a vatter living within the compound of Klon—has been asking himself a variety of questions of late, such as: what is the true purpose for which vatters exist and, more importantly, why do those whom the Guilders and Protectors of Klon call The Renegades wish to invade Klon in order to kill vatters.

What he doesn’t know is that soon, all his questions will be answered, and that those answers will be nothing like what he’d imagined they’d be. For they will lead him on a dangerous journey of discovery, far from Klon and everything he knew, and he’ll learn that the survival of The Sunjack, and all those within, rests solely on his shoulders.  

But The Solord—stricken insane from long centuries of rule—and the wicked minions that comprise The Empire of Espian, will do everything in their power to stop him in his quest for ultimate salvation. In the resulting conflict, only one will win. Victory will mean continued existence. Defeat…total annihilation.

I'll keep you posted the second it comes out!

Thanks for reading!


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