Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Vatters of Klon Update

Got word from my publisher last night that my next book, The Vatters of Klon, (Sunjack Book 1) will be out THIS month! So, yeah, I'm pretty much excited.

Vatters is hands down the deepest and most complex story I've ever written and I'm proud as hell of it. It's science-fiction but it doesn't fit into any particular sub-genre; it all depends on what you really think the story is about. Some people might say it's Hard sci-fi, others might say it's Soft sci-fi  with Hard sci-fi elements. Some might call it a Science Fantasy and I could see how that might be the case at first glance. Some might call it Biopunk or Science Fiction Opera. Others will probably call it General science-fiction.

What do I say? I would choose all of the above. But regardless of the genre, I feel, in my biased opinion, that Vatters is an awesome story worth reading.

I'll post more as the details come.

Thanks for reading! I love you all!


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