Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Another Hunters Update

So I'm now officially 2/3rds done with The Hunters 2nd draft, story wise. I'm on chapter 26 of roughly 33 though that doesn't mean anything since I'm still at the point where I usually delete or add chapters, but usually add. The story is coming out awesome and I'm enjoying the re-exploring  of a world I'd first discovered almost a decade ago.

My biggest problem though is finding a title for both the book and the trilogy. The Hunters was a good title when it was just a short story, but now it's something else altogether. I was thinking of calling it The Hunters Trilogy or The Silver and Blood Trilogy, but neither of those gives me a boner. And as far as the book goes, I have absolutely no ideas. There's still time though.

I know a lot of authors come up with their titles in different ways, whether knowing them from the outline, notes, or it being the springboard to the story, to having it come to them during the writing process. I'm all of the above. I knew and know the titles of each book of The End of The Nonari series; i,e; the next book's called The Grand Rose, the last book will be The End of The Nonari; keep an eye out for them. For The Road to The Golden Griffin series, the first and third titles came to me during the writing process while the second came before the story even existed. Chew on that.

Same goes for Let Nature Decide, which had been called Compound for much of its early life and Children of The Forgotten, which had been called Coleman's War, and The Vatters of Klon, which had been called The Sunjack Book One and then The Renegades of Klon.

Well, it will come to me eventually.

I gotta get back to writing.


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