Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Kindle Countdown For You!

Let Nature Decide is now in the midst of a Kindle Countdown Deal so if you're in the mood for a murder mystery with a sci-fi bent, now is the time to pick it up for cheap. As you all know, when it comes to KCDs it's better to strike early. Right now Let Nature Decide is only $.99. By Friday it will be $1.99 and so on. Countdown ends  9/30. Links and back cover blurb below.

Let Nature Decide

The prophecy laid out by Voltan’s Doomsday Algorithm has come to pass. A worldwide conflict has civilization plunging in a downward spiral.
As part of the organization known as The Network, the survivalist group, Voltan’s Survivors, head to an underground compound beneath the mountain known to them as Prometheus Mons. The plan is simple: shelter in safety, defend, reproduce, then resurface when all is safe again.
But just days into their survival plan, one of the Survivors is murdered. Suspicion is cast on all parties, and paranoia over a killer (or killers) loose in their midst immediately begins to gnaw away at the group. Then another of their own dies, and another. As their numbers dwindle, so does the pool of suspects.
It will be up to the innocent of the group to find and stop the killer (or killers), but everyone has a past, and sometimes those pasts lead to the end of others’ futures.
It’s nature’s way, and nature will decide the outcome in the end.

Thanks everyone! Happy Hump Day!


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