Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Iron Angel Trilogy (a review)

I mentioned a while back that I'd be posting reviews of certain books on a highly irregular basis and here below is the first one. It concerns the Iron Angel Trilogy +1 by John Morressy.

 The Iron Angel Trilogy +1 is maybe one of the most underrated, less-known fantasy epics. Most hardcore fantasy fans will have heard of it, maybe most would've read it. If you haven't read any of John Morressy's books, these are the ones to start with. Only Tolkien's Lord of The Rings has influenced my fantasy writing more than these books.

But what's are they about? It's a perfect mixture of swords and sorcery and High Fantasy. It's a story told in reverse. Ironbrand is Book One in the Trilogy, Graymantle Book Two, Kingsbane Book Three, and Time of The Annihilator rounding out the +1. But the story really begins with Time of The Annihilator when the evil that was birthed and evolved first appears to terrorize the world and where the Vannen Family first rises up to combat it, and where the trilogy's namesake, The Iron Angel, (a talismen of great power) is first created.

From there the forces of good and evil battle it out over the centuries, with kingdoms rising and falling until the arc culminates (begins) with three brothers, The Sons of Vannen, who've been unknowingly hidden from the ancient evil by their father on the northern Headlands--until one fateful night when they are attacked by agents of the ancient evil, and from their father's death bed, the Sons of Vannen learn that they are the heirs to a kingdom which is theirs to claim, they have but to take it back from the hands of the ancient enemy.

Unable and unwilling to hide any longer, the brothers head out, with the Iron Angel in hand, to take back their family's legacy.

The Iron Angel Trilogy, to me, is the epitome of   80's fantasy. There's no dragons, elves, and dwarves, but there are plenty of wizards and magic users and all manner of twisted monsters and epic battles. I don't know why the books never gained a wider audience but their still around, still relevant. So if any of you out there need something to read, and want some good old fashioned fantasy home-cooking, do yourself a favor and check these books can literally find them on the web for under a dollar so the risk is minimal even with shipping.

John Morressy


(PS: John Morressy's Kedrigern Series is actually what he's more known for and where he's had the most success. I've only read a couple of books from the series but definitely worth checking out.)

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