Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vatters In Need of Love

Hi everyone! My book Vatters of Klon is in some serious need of love. The Vatters told me they feel lonely and neglected there at the bottom of the Bestseller's List, so I'm trying to help them out. Please, for them, show them some love and attention; give them a good home, be it a digital one or a one on a shelf, they'll simply be happy to be rescued from their warehouse purgatory. And once you have them home, let them tell you about themselves. They'll speak of anything; they're practically open books. And once they're done, return to the point of purchase and speak of their merits and faults in the form of a review; they will repay you, in turn, with a good story that will stick with you long after the tale is told! Please! Please! I'm begging you! Do it for the Vatters!

Links and blurb below! Plus a link to where you read the Prologue: Under  The False Moon.

Vatters of Klon (Kindle)

Vatters of Klon (Print/Amazon)

Vatters of Klon (NOOK)

Vatters of Klon (Print/Barnes&Noble)

Vatters of Klon (Kobo)

Vatters of Klon (Print/Lulu)

From the back cover:

0060706288378—a vatter living within the compound of Klon—has been asking himself a variety of questions of late, such as: what is the true purpose for which vatters exist and, most importantly, why do those whom the guilders and Protectors of Klon call The Renegades wish to invade Klon in order to kill the vatters.

 But ask all he might, no one seemed to have the answers he wanted. When Klon is attacked by The Renegades, 0060706288378 is abducted and brought Outside, where he discovers the answers to his most pressing questions, and finds that he and the other vatters must confront and overthrow The Solord and his forces, else The Sunjack, and all within, will perish. 

 Meanwhile Gorindaad—Emperor in service to the current Solord—and his imperials seek to prevent the vatters from achieving their goal. But The Solord—stricken insane from long centuries of rule—sees enemies in every shadow. Dare he trust his underlings when The Sunjack was drowning in turmoil as it was?

 Under The False Moon scroll down! 

Thanks everyone! You're all awesome and I appreciate you more than you know! 


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