Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday News

Hi, Everyone,

Happy in-between-holidays. Just wanted to drop by the ole blog here and spit out some updates. First, I've decided to postpone Crossroads' release indefinitely. It's a good story but the prose needs a lot of work and I don't want to put something out there that isn't as perfect as possible. The problem is, I decided to experiment with the prose by writing the entire story in a weird present tense/past tense mix. Seemed like a good idea at the time but when I glanced it over for final edits it felt like I was reading something that'd been translated badly from a foreign language. Crossroads will be out someday (Hopefully for Halloween 2016) but first I have to pick a tense and stick with it.

Next: Endless Enemy (aka The Hunters) is done and has been sent out into the world. More on that when I learn more on that.

And finally; are you wondering why there's a pic of Children of The Forgotten up there? Well that's because I wanted to share this sweet review it received over at Smashwords:

Children of The Forgotten (Review) Just scroll down a bit to read it. And if you're out there reviewer, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course all four parts to Children of The Forgotten are available on Smashwords but you can also get the entire book Here on Amazon. The difference between the single volume and the serialized one are the neato covers and the Amazon version has the glossary in the back with lists of ranks and medal etc, etc.

In closing, in lieu of Crossroads, I will be working on one of the other million projects I have on  the slate. I can't say much about it at this point but it's more of a thriller/mystery in terms of genre and I'm hella excited about it. The schedule for New Empire Trilogy Book 2 remains unchanged and I'm planning on a Summer 2016 release.

That's all I got for now. Expect the  blog to grow quite for a bit as I get to work on thangs but I'll be dropping in periodically for updates and what not so you guys know I'm still alive.

Talk to you soon, be safe!


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