Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Empire Book 2

Hi, everybody, and happy belated New Year!

I have a Star Wars post waiting in the wings. It's unfinished as it began as a review of Force Awakens and turned into a rant that encompasses the entire franchise. Nothing negative really, and I pretty much agree with every other review out there on Force Awakens. For me, personally, I liked I a lot. I'll leave it at that for now.

Onto other things; I have officially started work on New Empire Book 2! I was gonna wait and do one more project before that, but I keep promising that it will be out Summer 2016 and the only way I could have accomplished that is if I start now and don't sleep 'till summer's end, so that's what I'm gonna do. I've kept you all waiting long enough (not on purpose, I swear!)

Target date: June-Sept 2016...could be a little later, prob not sooner.

For anyone who hasn't read the first book and wants to check out a pretty awesome start to a military sci-fi trilogy(yes, I'm biased in that assessment) links and blurb below:

The Vrilkist, an advanced alien race bent on galactic conquest and annihilation, has been eating away at the borders of The Imperial Confederation of Ertho—an empire already plagued by rebel and separatists factions—in an ongoing war. 

The three front conflict has left the empire short on fighters and material while the Vrilkist, in contrast, appear to have unlimited resources and firepower. Desperate, the empire gathers everything it has to launch a last ditch assault on the enemy. Success will buy the empire time to regroup and restock; failure will mean the end of everything. 

Cornelius Coleman, student, pugilist, loner, soon becomes a reluctant player within the larger scheme when he is conscripted to fight in the imperial forces. His journey will begin on Old Earth, but it will end very far away. 

Children of The Forgotten (Full Book/Kindle)

Children of The Forgotten (Full Book/Print)

Don't want to risk anything on the entire book and only want to try a nibble here and there? Here are links to the serialized version:

Children of The Forgotten (Part One)

Children of The Forgotten (Part Two)

Children of The Forgotten (Part Three)

Children of The Forgotten (Part Four)

Thanks everybody and I hope your 2016 is a great one! I will be updating often to keep you all abreast of the progress on Book 2, and keep an eye out for my Star Wars Rant!


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