Thursday, March 24, 2016

Help Me Get A Kindle Scout Deal!!!

Hi Everyone!

So I submitted my horror novel Crossroads (Facelessdoll: Book One) to Kindle Scout. What that basically means is that, for the next thirty days, readers like you can check out my campaign page for Crossroads, read an excerpt from the novel, and if you like what you see nominate the novel with a simple click of the mouse...or screen if doing so from a phone. The more nominations I get, the better my odds are of winning a publishing contract.

I get a contract, but what do YOU get? First you get a free version of each novel you've nominated and that gets published. Second, you get a say in what gets published by the industry; which is the way it should be.

Anyone with a valid Amazon account can participate. To get started, simply click this link: JASON J SERGI/KINDLE SCOUT If you like what you see, click NOMINATE and Amazon will take it from there.

And that's that.

Thanks to all of you who participate from the bottom of my black twisted heart. I love you all in my weird way.


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