Saturday, March 5, 2016

Updates, rants, and thangs (or Career Suicide)

Hey, everyone. Just droppin in to tell you all what I've been doing and what I'll be doing, and what I am planning.

First things first: as I said in my last post, most of my Varsavian Press titles had been discontinued, though Forvian Sphere and Children of The Forgotten are still active for now. My reasoning behind taking down the other titles was that I've long been feeling like I've been hitting the proverbial dead mule. Self-publishing has it's ups and downs. In my personal experience there are more downs than ups...a lot more.

An issue all authors have, high and low, is when you first burst onto the scene you're usually a small fish among thousands of other small fish in a really big fucking ocean filled with sharks and kraken. The goal is to become one of the big shots and that requires whoring one's self out to Agents, Editors,  Reviewers, and Readers, all in the hopes that at least one will pick up the book you've slaved months and years over and lead you to the first rung on the ladder to The Writer's Promise Land. 

I need a revitalization: I want to break away from the self-pub world and separate myself from the stigma. I've read hundreds of self-published stories by a few dozen different authors over the past four or five years, and the fact is: some were really great; some were good; but the vast majority sucked in one way or another, be it because of story, grammar, structure....and this hasn't changed. Logic dictates that as the self-publishing industry grows, the quality of the works should improve.


It got me thinking that the publishing industry DOES need a slush master, a divine hand to cast judgement down on the unworthy.

And maybe I'm deluded; maybe most of my work sucks as well; I'm willing to admit that. But I'll evolve and continue to get better with the goal of giving any potential reader the best possible product; something that will take them away from reality and enrich their lives in some way, large or small.

Since my last post (and even before) I've been working on several projects, including a plethora of short stories, and outlines on two a Fantasy, one an Alt History/Future. Nothing more to report on those right now though.

That's it for now.

From one very small fish to the sharks above....I'm coming for you.


PS: My non-self-published books: The Vatters of Klon and The Road to The Golden Griffin series are still in print as well; check them out---wink

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