Thursday, April 21, 2016

Getting Published...Ugh! (Part Three: Published)

Continuing from my previous posts:
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This one, Getting Published....Ugh! (Part Three: Published) will bring the series to an end.

So no I've written a novel, put together a submission package, and sent it to all my favorite editors, only to receive rejection after rejection. Until one day I got the magical acceptance letter, like finding the Golden Ticket in the Wonka Bar.

The work doesn't end there. After a brief celebratory pause, it's time to edit the MS that you already thought you edited to death after the editor sends your beloved MS back to you marked up with suggestions and corrections.

Once the editing and cover selection process (the latter differs from publisher to publisher) is finished, now all that's left to do is wait for a pub date and smooth sailing from there.

Not quite.

Once the book is actually published (and often long before) the promotion begins. For me it's my least favorite part of the process but a necessary one. Once published, your book is just one of tens of thousands of fish in a really big ocean. So what I do first is whore myself out to the reviewers, who are an important resource in the process. Readers tend to gravitate towards books with a number of positive reviews. For those looking for a reviewer list, here's a good resource: Book Reviewers

Ideally, the best thing to do would be to hire a publicist. If you have a few grand to do so, I highly suggest it; I've heard good things. If you don't then it's up to you to get on the horn, schedule author interviews, join blog tours, and if you have the money, buy a shit load of your own books and then stage a signing at several of your local book stores. Indie authors only of course and then, hopefully, watch your fame soar and the sales roll in.

And this concludes one author's journey, from idea to publication. You might be reading these out of boredom, or to get a glimpse into what it takes to become "published". If your among the latter: as you can see, sometimes it takes years to make it happen, sometimes it happens right away. Remember Rejection is just an opinion not a qualifier. We each have about seventy-five years to accomplish what we need to accomplish in life; a few years is but a drop in the bucket.

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