Saturday, April 2, 2016

Shadows of The Past (cover/blurb)

Meet the cover of Shadows of The Past:
And here's the blurb:

In an effort to end the painful, centuries-old practice of Homage—where families are forced to give up loved ones to the tyrannical Grand Despot for unknown reasons—and to force peace between the constantly warring Orders of Jhemiland, Zorfrane, along with the blind curator Walthen Brey and the other members of their secret conclave, enact their plan to kill The Grand Despot and the other Gods of Glimmerblade.
But what Zorfrane and the others don’t know is that by doing so, they have destroyed the barriers which have kept the world Tame and in balance for centuries. As a consequence, not only is the world returning Wild, but the long-kept memories of the gods have been unleashed upon the world as well: everything from the past dead, disasters, plagues, and wars are now returning to catastrophically disrupt the living realm, ending only with The Fires of Creation and the nothing beyond…unless Zorfrane and his secret conclave can find a way to stop them.

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I plan to release the novel before the end of April. If I can't make that deadline then I'm hoping to have it out within the first two weeks of May; Ebook and Print.
Since Shadows of The Past was already published as the first part of Memories of The Dead,  some of you may be wondering why it would take so long to publish Shadows after all the edits it's already been through. I have a two part answer: 1) I'm adding more material to spruce it up a bit and 2) I'm a better writer now than I was three or four years ago, therefore I'm bringing Shadows of The Past up to my current skill level: shoring up dialogue, tightening scenes, and renovating the prose as a whole.

Shadows' counterpart, Memories of The Dead, will get the same treatment.
And true to my word, work on Settlers continues as well.
I'll keep you posted; hope you're all having a good weekend!

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