Tuesday, June 7, 2016

13 Years Later, an epilogue

Ok, so I'm going to do a little something weird today: I'm gonna post the full epilogue from Crossroads. Yes, that's right, the epilogue. There's a method to my madness, or perhaps it's just madness. Anyways, have a read.


13 Years Later

Visiting the Amish Market in Lancaster has become something of a yearly tradition for Kimberly Dudley. Every Christmas for the past five years she’s come out to Lancaster to visit her parents, ever since they’d moved to the county from Boston in their retirement. Why they didn’t move to Florida like normal retirees she doesn’t know, but they’d been the first to bring her to the Amish Market and she’s been in love ever since.
And this year is extra special since it’s the first time she’s been able to bring her daughter, in the hopes that she might enjoy it as well. And maybe in time it would become their tradition, mother and daughter, passing it onto her kids and so on.
Seven year old Vanessa is currently perusing a stall stacked with Amish Dolls a little ways down.
Kimberly has her own attention on the Amish woodworks. She wants to get her parents a new pair of nightstands or maybe even a knife holder to replace the splintered one they have now, the one they’d gotten as a wedding present in the late ‘60’s.
“Yes, I think so too,” she hears Vanessa saying to someone. “You’re definitely coming home with me!”
Curious, Kimberly turns and makes her way over to find that Vanessa holding an Amish Doll, though this one looks to have seen better days, all beaten-up and raggedy, with long stitch marks running up its right side and black stains smudging its plain white face, so unlike the majority of other dolls lying stacked upon the stall, which looked to all be in pristine condition and well-crafted.
Perhaps this one belongs to someone and it’d somehow been put in the pile by accident.
“What do you have there, Vanessa?” Kimberly asks.
“It’s a cool Amish doll. Can I have it?”
Kimberly doesn’t see a problem with her getting an Amish doll; she herself had gotten her own first Amish doll around Vanessa’s age—she even thinks her parents still have it in a trunk somewhere—but she just doesn’t like the look of this particular one. It gives her the creeps for some reason.
“Sure, but why don’t you pick out a better one? This one looks a little used,” she tells Vanessa.
“No, no,” Vanessa cries, stomping her foot. “It has to be this one! This one’s special and its only $5.53!”
That was a weird price if Kimberly ever saw one, but the look in her daughter’s eyes is all she needs to decide. If Vanessa wants a stitched up dirty doll, then that’s what she was gonna get. What could be the harm? “Okay, it’s yours. Now come help me pick something out for Grandma and Grandpa.”
“Yay! Thank you, mommy!” she cries, holding the doll close to her chest.
“You’re very welcome, baby.”
Just then a strong frigid breeze picks up, cutting through the stalls of the Amish Market and freezing Kimberly beneath her heavy coat. Oddly enough, she’s the only one in the market who seems to be affected by the cold gust.
Shivering, she cinches her coat tighter and brings the scarf up over her mouth. She then reaches down and takes Vanessa’s mittened hand in her own and together, along with the faceless doll, they head through the crowds over to the next furniture stall…

The Story continues in Rumspringa, (Faceless Doll Book Two) coming soon!
Interested? Find out what happened before by picking up (figuratively) Crossroads and reading from the beginning!


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