Saturday, June 4, 2016

Crossroads Is Out!

Crossroads is out  for Kindle...if you read it then you better be wearing a diaper.

The print edition should be ready by early this week and other ebook editions (via Smashwords) will be out by September.

Link and blurb below:

Crossroads (Kindle)

Ex-con Leo Dudley is on the run for murder. With him are his best friend’s girlfriend and Sandy, her three year old daughter.
Under the guise of a young family looking for guidance, they settle in amongst the tight-knit religious community of Crossroads.

But not long after their arrival, strange and terrifying things begin to happen all across the small town, and as time goes on, Leo begins to wonder what kind of nightmare he’d walked into…or if the nightmare was something he’d brought with him? 

Thank you to all the awesome people who check it out! Have a great weekend!

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