Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Empire Book 2 Weekly Update 9/25

Just a quick update on Book 2 (Children of Gaia?).  It's up to 8,000 words now, only 3k up from last week. Not very impressive but quality over quantity right? This week I'm gonna buckle down and limit distractions and funzies and work my ass off to make some serious progress. The writing is getting easier but that's a relative term. Still, a plus is a plus.

I'll drop in again next week; until then, I have some writing to do.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Empire Book 2 Sunday Update

As promised, I started work on New Empire Book 2 last Monday. The wheels are in motion and I plan on posting weekly updates for those who are waiting on the book. No official title yet but I'm kicking around Children of Gaia in my head. I'm not in love with it but time will tell.

For the first week writing went slower than I would've liked. I'm up to 5,000 words, working everyday. Most of it is having to go back to Children of The Forgotten to re-familiarize myself with the finer details and making sure minor plot threads don't get lost under the major ones. The rest is just the difficulty of writing a first draft.  I'm an organic writer: my outlines consist of major scenes, a beginning, middle, an end, character bios and any other details that are unique to the story. The major scenes are like islands and the area around them is uncharted. I need to get events from Island A to Island Z while traversing those uncharted territories. I'll get there eventually, just some islands are easier to get to than others and some down right  suck to get to to, but I'll do it; I always do.

Expect to hear back from me next week with another progress update. Bye for now.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Like Children of The Forgotten? Try Vatters of Klon

Children of The Forgotten continues to do well and I can't thank you all enough. Which is why I feel slightly lame for sounding like a commercial right now.

Another of my books you may or may not have heard about, Vatters of Klon came out a little over a year ago and has been doing considerably...less good.

I'm sure there are a number of reasons why that is: maybe it's the cover, maybe it's the blurb, maybe it's the price, maybe it's my name, maybe it's the sample, maybe it's all of the above, I'll probably never know.

What I do know is that Vatters is different; it's genre not easily defined. One could classify it as a Science-Fantasy. In truth it's pure science-fiction, in a way that The Wheel of Time could be classified as pure science-fiction. (And before I get an inbox full of hate mail, yes I understand The Wheel of Time is fantasy..but if you read some of RJ's interviews, he based the One Power on science and how it could work under the laws of physics) So don't let the Prologue of Vatters fool you. On the other hand, if it makes the reader feel better, one could read it entirely as a science-fantasy, or a science-fiction with fantasy elements.

I know as well that Vatters is the deepest thing I ever wrote. It's chalk full of political intrigue, militaristic action, social issues, race relations (including xeno), high-tech endeavors,  philosophy, and romance.

Here's the blurb and some links below:

Vatters of Klon (Kindle)

Vatters of Klon (Print)

Vatters of Klon (Prologue)

0060706288378—a vatter living within the compound of Klon—has been asking himself a variety of questions of late, such as: what is the true purpose for which vatters exist and, most importantly, why do those whom the guilders and Protectors of Klon call The Renegades wish to invade Klon in order to kill the vatters.

But ask all he might, no one seemed to have the answers he wanted.

When Klon is attacked by The Renegades, 0060706288378 is abducted and brought Outside, where he discovers the answers to his most pressing questions, and finds that he and the other vatters must confront and overthrow The Solord and his forces, else The Sunjack, and all within, will perish.

Meanwhile Gorindaad—Emperor in service to the current Solord—and his imperials seek to prevent the vatters from achieving their goal. But The Solord—stricken insane from long centuries of rule—sees enemies in every shadow. Dare he trust his underlings when The Sunjack was drowning in turmoil as it was?

The fate of The Sunjack hangs in the balance; in the resulting three-way struggle between the vatters, The Empire of Espian, and The Solord, only one faction will win. Victory will mean continued existence. Defeat…total annihilation.

Now, since this isn't a Varsavian title, I have no control over the pricing of Vatters and I'm limited in the content I can offer for free. So I can't offer anything in the way of deals. All I can say to those who are interested in reading Vatters is, give it a shot with Kindle Unlimited, or if you can find it in your heart to buy it outright I'd love you forever (who are we kidding? I already do!)

I have to add as well that Vatters is Book One of a larger series. This isn't some one night stand. If you get hooked on Vatters, you better be prepared for a long term relationship. (Hope that doesn't scare you) Of course, Book 2 will remain in limbo until Vatters gets off the ground with some sales. That's not me talking, that's the industry.

I'll end the commercial now. If you read this far then you deserve a medal. Hope your all enjoying your weekend. Tomorrow I begin work New Empire Book 2. Just for you--wink

Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Empire Book 2; The war continues

For those who've been waiting for the sequel to Children of The Forgotten you're wait is about to get considerably shorter, if not as short as you or I would like. I have officially begun work on Book 2. No serious writing yet, just a rough prologue and a few chapter outlines but it's a start.

Mostly I've been consolidating the outline, going over the notes, revisiting the characters, and updating the plot. I was surprised to discover Children of The Forgotten had a cast of about 85 named characters. Of those only about five were main characters, the rest secondary. And that's not counting the number of "Extras" who appear in the novel, but I'm not about the count them.

I was surprised as well to find that I had three different outlines for Book 2. The first I made three years ago, probably shortly after I finished Children of The Forgotten. The second I made shortly after that, when I was submitting to agents and publishers, and is a very different outline than the first. The third one I made last year and is similar to the second. I plan to take the best elements of the three and combine them. The overall trilogy arc remains the same but the paths getting from Point A to Z are forever changing.

Serious work on Book 2 will begin on Monday. Until them, I'll be ironing out the details.

That's it for now; thought I'd let you all know. I'll keep you updated frequently.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Special

For the next day and a half or so, Children of The Forgotten will only cost a tiny .99 cents, going up to about $1.99 this Wednesday. With the new Star trek out, Rogue One coming in December and the sequel to Children of the Forgotten coming Spring 2017, the time to pick up a copy is NOW!  What's.the worst that can happen, you may enjoy the beginning of another franchise for less than a U.S. Buck? Take the chance, you know you wanna--wink

Links and Blurb below.

Children of The Forgotten (US)

Children of The Forgotten (UK)

The Vrilkist, an advanced alien race bent on galactic conquest and annihilation, has been eating away at the borders of The Imperial Confederation of Ertho—an empire already plagued by rebel and separatists factions—in an ongoing war.
The three front conflict has left the empire short on fighters and material while the Vrilkist, in contrast, appear to have unlimited resources and firepower. Desperate, the empire gathers everything it has to launch a last ditch assault on the enemy. Success will buy the empire time to regroup and restock; failure will mean the end of everything.
Cornelius Coleman, student, pugilist, loner, soon becomes a reluctant player within the larger scheme when he is conscripted to fight in the imperial forces. His journey will begin on Old Earth, but it will end very far away. 

Thanks everyone for checking it out! Stay safe!


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