Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Empire Book 2 Sunday Update

As promised, I started work on New Empire Book 2 last Monday. The wheels are in motion and I plan on posting weekly updates for those who are waiting on the book. No official title yet but I'm kicking around Children of Gaia in my head. I'm not in love with it but time will tell.

For the first week writing went slower than I would've liked. I'm up to 5,000 words, working everyday. Most of it is having to go back to Children of The Forgotten to re-familiarize myself with the finer details and making sure minor plot threads don't get lost under the major ones. The rest is just the difficulty of writing a first draft.  I'm an organic writer: my outlines consist of major scenes, a beginning, middle, an end, character bios and any other details that are unique to the story. The major scenes are like islands and the area around them is uncharted. I need to get events from Island A to Island Z while traversing those uncharted territories. I'll get there eventually, just some islands are easier to get to than others and some down right  suck to get to to, but I'll do it; I always do.

Expect to hear back from me next week with another progress update. Bye for now.

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