Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Empire Book 2; The war continues

For those who've been waiting for the sequel to Children of The Forgotten you're wait is about to get considerably shorter, if not as short as you or I would like. I have officially begun work on Book 2. No serious writing yet, just a rough prologue and a few chapter outlines but it's a start.

Mostly I've been consolidating the outline, going over the notes, revisiting the characters, and updating the plot. I was surprised to discover Children of The Forgotten had a cast of about 85 named characters. Of those only about five were main characters, the rest secondary. And that's not counting the number of "Extras" who appear in the novel, but I'm not about the count them.

I was surprised as well to find that I had three different outlines for Book 2. The first I made three years ago, probably shortly after I finished Children of The Forgotten. The second I made shortly after that, when I was submitting to agents and publishers, and is a very different outline than the first. The third one I made last year and is similar to the second. I plan to take the best elements of the three and combine them. The overall trilogy arc remains the same but the paths getting from Point A to Z are forever changing.

Serious work on Book 2 will begin on Monday. Until them, I'll be ironing out the details.

That's it for now; thought I'd let you all know. I'll keep you updated frequently.


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