Monday, October 31, 2016

Hero of Twilight pre-order

Hero of Twilight (Revised Edition) is now available for pre-order on Amazon until Dec 5th. Pre-order price is $2.99. On Dec 6th, the price goes up to $4.99.

Blurb and link below.

Hero of Twilight (Revised Edition)

Young Bathmal was born nothing and was destined to be nothing, until, on a cold winter's day, his life suddenly changes forever.
The Hero of Twilight is the first step on a road that will see Bathmal become an immortal legend, or a forgotten speck on the dusty pages of history.

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Empire Book 2, Weekly Update (10/30)

I was only able to plug 1,500 words into the book this week, so we're at 22K altogether. A paltry sum considering previous progress. I was sick mid-week (yes, I am human; don't tell anyone), so that took a chunk of my writing time. I still wrote, but it was one sloppy paragraph at a time. I'm healthy again and plan to remain so for the foreseeable future.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had some exciting news relevant to New Empire so here it is: I plan on releasing a companion book for The New Empire Trilogy (and related works) between books 2 and 3.  I wish I could release it now but there will be major spoilers for Book 2. And I don't want to release it after Book 3 because it will enhance the reading of the 3rd book. I've read companions after reading the entire series and been like, "Wish I would've known that while I was reading; would've been a lot cooler."

So there you have it. The companion will contain EVERYTHING about The New Empire series as a whole: a comprehensive history of The New Empire universe, a detailed medal list, ranks, uniforms, a vehicle encyclopedia, full character bios, short stories spanning the entire timeline, relative family trees, and much, much more.

New Empire Book 3 probably won't be out until 2019, so expect the companion to be out within the 2018 calendar year.

Until next week, my friends.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hero of Twilight Revised!

Happy Friday, everyone. Got some exciting news in the writing department about the very first novel I ever had published: Hero of Twilight, which was revealed to the world six long years ago. HoT had a good initial run but that soon petered out. There's probably a million reasons why that is; sometimes an author never knows and, in this case, it no longer matters.

Truth is I was never truly happy with the way HoT was marketed (I use that term very loosely) and even had to threaten to pull out of the contract just to get the book released in the first place. But, unhappy or not, I was a newbie and afraid to rock the boat, so I went along with whatever the publisher did and dumbly nodded my head at every question, believing the book would stand on its own merits.

Big mistake.

My first major issue was the cover. The cover's the first thing any potential reader sees as they walk down bookstore aisles or scroll down the page of their favorite online retailer. It's supposed to catch the eye, intrigue the reader into picking it up and or clicking on it to find out more. The original (and only) cover of  HoT looked like a 4th Grader made it for the art fair in a non-winning effort. Not even I would give it a second look if I passed it in a store.

My second major issue was tied into the cover as well in that it was given the aura of a young adult novel. I've stressed for six years that, despite the series' name, there is nothing young adult about Road to The Golden Griffin, especially from Book 2, Threat of Saint Flesh, on.

And there were many other smaller issues as well.

That's all about to change. I now own the full rights to Hero of Twilight and am set to re-release it the way it should have been six years ago. As a bonus, I'm giving the work a full edit (let's face it, I'm a better writer now than I was then) which will include some new material (six years ago I was restricted to 50k words; not so here) and other little nuggets.

Worry not for this will not interfere with work on New Empire Book 2 at all. Speaking of which, I have some exciting news about that as well but I will save that for Sunday's Update post since it's relevant.

One final note on Hero of Twilight. Some of you curious cats might look it up after reading this and find it still available for sale by the original publisher. It is up to you if you want to purchase it or not but I've been working to get it removed from those sales channels.

Have a good weekend all; keep reading.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Empire Book 2, Weekly Update (10/23)

This week we are just five hundred words short of 21K for New Empire Book 2. That's half a novel according to my mental math. Not this novel, but some novels. Wimpy ones. Book 2 still needs another 80K before it's ready to go to the dance. That distant dance. It will be here before we know it.

Until next week.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Empire, Book 2, Weekly Update (10/16)

Another week, another 3k words. Yup, Book 2 is now at 17k. I don't know what you guys think of the progress; I'm not even sure what I think of it. I never keep track of word counts as they relate to progress. Normally I keep track of word counts if I have a number restriction, like with short stories, etc. I also think it's cool when I hit milestones: 1,000, 7,500, 17, 500, 40,000+. But never for progress. I'm only doing it this way because I've promised Book 2 so many times only to break that promise in as many times. This way those who are waiting for Book 2 will know that work is going into it each and every week.

When I first started this project I was gonna try something different and set out to write the traditional 2k words a day. What I found was that method makes me miserable and that I was typing words just to hit a bullshit target. Nope. I came to terms with the fact that some days I'll write a few hundred words, others I'll write tens of thousands and any number in between. That's my method and I'm sticking to it.

Until next week.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Crossroads For Halloween

Halloween is just over two weeks away, the monster marathons are on TV, the lawns are decorated with skeletons and black cats, pumpkins are being carved, nights are getting longer. Sounds to me like a good time to pick up my horror novel, Crossroads, or, as I like to call it, Fear At A Reasonable Price.

If you think you have the guts, I've shared the links and the blurb below. A word of warning though: do not read close to midnight, near a window, or by a mirror. And, if you can, read by the light of day.

You've been warned.



Ex-con Leo Dudley is on the run for murder. With him are his best friend’s girlfriend and Sandy, her three year old daughter. Under the guise of a young family looking for guidance, they settle in amongst the tight-knit religious community of Crossroads. But not long after their arrival, strange and terrifying things begin to happen all across the small town, and as time goes on, Leo begins to wonder what kind of nightmare he’d walked into…or if the nightmare was something he’d brought with him?

Monday, October 10, 2016

New Empire, Book 2, Weekly Update (10/10)

I'm a day late but the work flow has stayed on schedule.  Book 2 is a little over 14k now. To give you guys and gals an idea of the progress being made, the first draft of Children of The Forgotten came in a little over 58k words. The finished product, the one that most of you have read, ended up being around 110k words, after six or seven drafts. So, based on this, the first draft of Book 2 is around 25% complete. If things stay as they are, the first draft won't be done until January. My target is December so let's see which it will be: my ambition or my terrible math.

The progress, such as it is, was halted a bit this week because I had to rework most of what I've already written due to a timing issue with the plot. Book 2 was supposed to start immediately from where Children of The Forgotten ended, give or take a week. In my mind and in the outline this worked great...on virtual paper, not so much. So, I bumped up the timeline and reworked the rest of the current text to reflect that change.

Still not a bad week, considering.

Until next week, my friends!


Sunday, October 2, 2016

New Empire Book 2, Weekly Update (10/2)

We're almost up to 11k words this week on New Empire Book 2. 3k up from last week, I believe, so some progress there. I'm predicting there will be a huge spike in progress during the coming week, if all goes according to plan...but we all know how good plans are good for.

In related news, I've set a target date for Book 2's release: May 2017, two years to the month that Children of The Forgotten was released. Sitting here with 11k words on the slate, I think I can hit that target. Of course, if I finish earlier, I'll release it earlier; why wait? Then again, it might not be done until later. That's all right since I figure the only things that matter is that it will be out and it will be the best I can possibly make it, no matter how long it takes.

Until next week, peeps.


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