Friday, October 28, 2016

Hero of Twilight Revised!

Happy Friday, everyone. Got some exciting news in the writing department about the very first novel I ever had published: Hero of Twilight, which was revealed to the world six long years ago. HoT had a good initial run but that soon petered out. There's probably a million reasons why that is; sometimes an author never knows and, in this case, it no longer matters.

Truth is I was never truly happy with the way HoT was marketed (I use that term very loosely) and even had to threaten to pull out of the contract just to get the book released in the first place. But, unhappy or not, I was a newbie and afraid to rock the boat, so I went along with whatever the publisher did and dumbly nodded my head at every question, believing the book would stand on its own merits.

Big mistake.

My first major issue was the cover. The cover's the first thing any potential reader sees as they walk down bookstore aisles or scroll down the page of their favorite online retailer. It's supposed to catch the eye, intrigue the reader into picking it up and or clicking on it to find out more. The original (and only) cover of  HoT looked like a 4th Grader made it for the art fair in a non-winning effort. Not even I would give it a second look if I passed it in a store.

My second major issue was tied into the cover as well in that it was given the aura of a young adult novel. I've stressed for six years that, despite the series' name, there is nothing young adult about Road to The Golden Griffin, especially from Book 2, Threat of Saint Flesh, on.

And there were many other smaller issues as well.

That's all about to change. I now own the full rights to Hero of Twilight and am set to re-release it the way it should have been six years ago. As a bonus, I'm giving the work a full edit (let's face it, I'm a better writer now than I was then) which will include some new material (six years ago I was restricted to 50k words; not so here) and other little nuggets.

Worry not for this will not interfere with work on New Empire Book 2 at all. Speaking of which, I have some exciting news about that as well but I will save that for Sunday's Update post since it's relevant.

One final note on Hero of Twilight. Some of you curious cats might look it up after reading this and find it still available for sale by the original publisher. It is up to you if you want to purchase it or not but I've been working to get it removed from those sales channels.

Have a good weekend all; keep reading.

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