Monday, October 10, 2016

New Empire, Book 2, Weekly Update (10/10)

I'm a day late but the work flow has stayed on schedule.  Book 2 is a little over 14k now. To give you guys and gals an idea of the progress being made, the first draft of Children of The Forgotten came in a little over 58k words. The finished product, the one that most of you have read, ended up being around 110k words, after six or seven drafts. So, based on this, the first draft of Book 2 is around 25% complete. If things stay as they are, the first draft won't be done until January. My target is December so let's see which it will be: my ambition or my terrible math.

The progress, such as it is, was halted a bit this week because I had to rework most of what I've already written due to a timing issue with the plot. Book 2 was supposed to start immediately from where Children of The Forgotten ended, give or take a week. In my mind and in the outline this worked great...on virtual paper, not so much. So, I bumped up the timeline and reworked the rest of the current text to reflect that change.

Still not a bad week, considering.

Until next week, my friends!


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