Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Empire Book 2, Weekly Update (10/30)

I was only able to plug 1,500 words into the book this week, so we're at 22K altogether. A paltry sum considering previous progress. I was sick mid-week (yes, I am human; don't tell anyone), so that took a chunk of my writing time. I still wrote, but it was one sloppy paragraph at a time. I'm healthy again and plan to remain so for the foreseeable future.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had some exciting news relevant to New Empire so here it is: I plan on releasing a companion book for The New Empire Trilogy (and related works) between books 2 and 3.  I wish I could release it now but there will be major spoilers for Book 2. And I don't want to release it after Book 3 because it will enhance the reading of the 3rd book. I've read companions after reading the entire series and been like, "Wish I would've known that while I was reading; would've been a lot cooler."

So there you have it. The companion will contain EVERYTHING about The New Empire series as a whole: a comprehensive history of The New Empire universe, a detailed medal list, ranks, uniforms, a vehicle encyclopedia, full character bios, short stories spanning the entire timeline, relative family trees, and much, much more.

New Empire Book 3 probably won't be out until 2019, so expect the companion to be out within the 2018 calendar year.

Until next week, my friends.

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