Friday, November 18, 2016

Hero of Twilight, Chapter Nine: Battles Won

Here's another sample chapter from Hero of Twilight (revised and expanded). This one is Chapter Nine: Battles Won, and it's the abridged version since the second half of the chapter contains slight spoilers.

As you must know by now, Hero of Twilight (revised and expanded) is up for pre-order until December 6th. The special pre-order price is $2.99. After that it goes up to $4.99. You've been warned. But please, enjoy. Links to the other sample chapters are below as well.

Hero of Twilight (revised and expanded)

Chapter One: The Knight Comes

Chapter Two: Millstand

Chapter Six: The Flames of Twilight

Chapter Nine
Battles Won

He ran through sparkling blue hallways, sword in hand, youth and vitality coursing through his veins. Nojo and three other Vorcikian knights, along with their con-squires, raced behind him; together they chopped at the hanging vines of the carnivorous plants above, the long, sharp maws drooling hungrily from the murder-holes in the ceiling, the saliva sizzling on their copper armor—and still the knights pushed on.
Odon, in the lead, was the first to enter the wide chamber, which was shaped in a ten-pointed star with large, ornate mirrors making up the chamber’s walls. He stopped short, momentarily perplexed at the sight of a hundred knights with half-moon helms staring perplexed back at him with swords drawn, the number tripling when his companions entered.
The knights cautiously searched the chamber for their prey, but found only their own reflections. 
Then, from above fell torrents of warm, fetid water. The knights stared up through blinking eyes and found their objective at last: a massive, golden trident gripped in four webbed hands; lengthy, blue-scaled tentacles pouring from its bloated body to ease its decent into the chamber; its single eye glaring down over a kelp-dressed fishy mouth, seaweed dangling from its bald pate like a living hood—the sea-titan roared at the intruders who dared trespass within its temple.  
“Stay ready!” Odon cried to the others, sword raised. He felt Sir Alfy preparing a spell, the air crackling all around.  
This was it, the end of the sea-titan’s reign; no more would it terrorize the coastal towns along Anfaria’s western shores.
The titan roared, bringing the trident high. Sir Alfy loosed the spell, its energies scattering in all directions. Odon brought his sword around as the titan stabbed down with the trident. The spell failed, fizzling to nothing, and the trident continued down. Odon gasped as water and brine filled his mouth and nostrils. The tines pierced his armor and pain racked his body. He fell weakly to his knees.
The trident rose again, tines covered with seawater and gore. Odon lay helpless, could do nothing but watch. The trident fell again. Odon waited for death…

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