Sunday, November 27, 2016

New Empire Book 2, Weekly Update (11/27)

I'm a full week late with this update and for that I apologize. What's worse, I've only added 1k words to New Empire Book 2, bringing us up to 26k. Why so little? you ask. Part of it was the holidays but remember when I told you guys not to worry about me working on Hero of Twilight (Revised and Expanded) at the same time because it wouldn't effect Book 2's progress? Well, I guess I misspoke.  The deadline for Hero of Twilight (Revised and Expanded) is rushing closer than expected so all my focus needs to be on that.

On a positive note, I should be done with that today or tomorrow and then I can fully focus on New Empire Book 2.

There you have it. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving for those who celebrate; for you rest, I hope you had a good Thursday.


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