Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hero of Twilight, Revised and Expanded, is out!

The day has arrived at last! Hero of Twilight (Revised and Expanded) is now available worldwide. Thank you for all those who purchased the pre-order. I hope you're enjoying the read. I would also like to remind everyone that this version of Hero of Twilight is the only official, legal-to-obtain version.

Links and blurb below:

Hero of Twilight (Revised and Expanded)(Ebook)

Hero of Twilight (Revised and Expanded)(Print)

The Hero of Twilight is a a tale of hope amidst tragedy, of uncertain destinies, love and loss, and the metamorphosis of innocence into painful experience.

On a frigid winter's day, young Bathmal Arined, a youth with nothing in life but the clothes on his back and the cold love of his mother, encounters an old knight from a dying Order.The knight speaks of the glory days of old, when the world was Wild and heroes were commonplace against the resulting evils.

The encounter will send Bathmal down a road that will begin and end with death.

The world grows Wild once more.

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