Sunday, December 11, 2016

New Empire Book 2, Weekly Update (12/11)

Hello, my friends. This update brings Book 2 up to 28, 000 words, adding a grand or two to the previous total. That's a lot better than the few hundred words of last week. Things are picking up though.

It's funny since I'd estimated a December date for the First Draft to be done. That was back in September when I had a full three months ahead of me. Optimistic to the max. Of course, when I plotted out the progress mathematically I figured a January finish date. I'm gonna go with that.

Things have been slow for several reasons. The largest was getting Hero of Twilight ready to go. The second in order of relevance are the holidays and, thirdly, life sometimes smacks me in the mouth and I need a day or two to decompress. I am human, after all. (Don't tell anyone). 

More recently my other projects have been pulling on my sleeves begging for attention. Attention I wish to give them but I made a promise to you guys and gals and I will keep it. Book 2 will be out by May 2017 or I'll never write another book again. (Hold the applause).

The next speed bump is X-mas and maybe New Years. Just know that Book 2 is now my sole focus.

Love you guys

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