Monday, January 2, 2017

New Empire Trilogy Book 2, Weekly Update (1/2)

The New Year has arrived, as it does each year. That means it's January, the mathematical deadline for me to be finished with the first draft of Book 2. With roughly four weeks until Jan ends, what are the odds that I'll achieve this goal?

Answer: I'm not sure.

I put another 2k words into the ms, bringing it almost to 33K. Storywise, I'm prob about three quarters of the way done, as far as major plot points go. There's still a lot that needs to happen before I can write The End tho. A bunch of intricate shifts and huge revelations. And battles, don't forget the battles.

With that I will return to writing. I'll be checking in around the usual time next week with another update. Until then I hope you all are sticking to your New Year resolutions. I know I am. I vowed to stay alive for another 12 months. Hopefully this is the one I keep.


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