Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Empire Book Two, Weekly Update (2/26)

Progress check on Book 2 (second draft): 13 chapters and one Prologue done from 8 First Draft chapters of material. One of those chapters (Chapter 12) is a brand new work-in-progress chapter of new material. That's where we stand this week.

In related news, I think I have a name for Book 2; however I will continue to refer to Book 2 as Book 2 until I am positive the name will stick: Army of The Nameless. I kinda love it and I kinda hate it. Book naming is a fun pain in the ass task that I wish I could source out to someone else. But then they'd want my money. Altruism! Ha!

I also have a cover in the works. I was hoping to reveal it today but it looks less like a New Empire Novel and more like a text book. Hopefully next week.

With only three months until Book 2 is scheduled for publication, we are moving along fine...I hope. Mantra time: (I will not puke from anxiety/I will not puke from anxiety/I will not puke from anxiety) Okay that's better.

Until next week; keep reading!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

The New Empire Trilogy Book Two, Weekly Update (2/19)

10 2nd draft Chapters done from 7 1st draft Chapters of material. That's how progress is looking this week. If I was going strictly off the 1st draft then I'd be 50% done with the 2nd. In reality, I'm between 15-30% done with the 2nd draft.

I played with the idea of releasing Book 2 as a serial, like I did with Children of The Forgotten. THAT had been an experiment of sorts, and a successful one. But for Book 2 it seems somehow inappropriate. On the one hand, those waiting for Book 2 might get to read it sooner...on the other hand, the reader might just want the entire book at once. Let me know what you guys think in the comments but I'm leaning towards the entire book at once.

In a last bit of news; I have a better working title for Book 2. As you know I was thinking of naming it Children of Gaia or The Black Lions. Those have been tossed in the proverbial wastebasket. The title front-runner is now  Echoes of The Nameless. Still not set in stone, but getting closer.

The writing continues.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Empire Trilogy Book 2, Weekly Update (2/12)

Sorry for missing last week, slipped my mind and then when I remembered it was toooo late. On the plus side I've been hard at work on Book 2, second draft (and a few other projects ahem).

Now for the update. It's gonna be tricky to gauge progress for this draft. The first draft ended at 44k words with 24 Chapters, a prologue and an epilogue. As of now I have 7 Second Draft Chapters completed, but that was from material from the first 5 First Draft Chapters. Confused yet?

That's how my process is. People who follow this blog or read any of my related interviews (they're online, just google Jason J Sergi interviews) know that the first draft for me is more of a "suggestion". The second and third drafts is where the real magic happens, with scenes getting tossed around, juggled, deleted, fleshed out, strengthened. As a result, the original Chapter lineup is tossed out the window. So bear with me.

If I had to release a progress bar now I would say that I'm between 10-30% done with the Second Draft. Things have been going fast and slow, the latter mainly due to continuity constraints. That's the problem with sequels: you don't have complete freedom to move forward in just any direction due to the anchors planted in the previous book or books. But it's all good.

That's where we stand for now. I would say I am still on schedule for a May release date. Fingers, toes crossed.

Until next week: Keep reading!


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