Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Empire Book Two, Weekly Update (2/26)

Progress check on Book 2 (second draft): 13 chapters and one Prologue done from 8 First Draft chapters of material. One of those chapters (Chapter 12) is a brand new work-in-progress chapter of new material. That's where we stand this week.

In related news, I think I have a name for Book 2; however I will continue to refer to Book 2 as Book 2 until I am positive the name will stick: Army of The Nameless. I kinda love it and I kinda hate it. Book naming is a fun pain in the ass task that I wish I could source out to someone else. But then they'd want my money. Altruism! Ha!

I also have a cover in the works. I was hoping to reveal it today but it looks less like a New Empire Novel and more like a text book. Hopefully next week.

With only three months until Book 2 is scheduled for publication, we are moving along fine...I hope. Mantra time: (I will not puke from anxiety/I will not puke from anxiety/I will not puke from anxiety) Okay that's better.

Until next week; keep reading!


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