Sunday, March 26, 2017

Army of The Nameless, Weekly Update (3/26)

So the second draft of Army of The Nameless is virtually complete. I still have the last chapter and the epilogue to do but it will be 100% done by midnight tonight. Then it's off to the third draft.

We topped off--or will top off--at thirty chapters, a prologue and an epilogue. Word count: approx 62k. That number will grow in the third draft; the chapters should stay about the same.

May inches ever closer.

Until next week; keep reading.

And please, share this hashtag wherever you can: #Letjaywriteagoodstarwarsbook. There's a point to it (mainly in trying to get Lucasfilm/Disney's attention and give Star Wars fans a book(s) they deserve, in light of the shitty nameless trilogy that nameless author shoved down our throats in recent years.) It's much appreciated. I will explain further when I can.

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