Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Cover for Nameless; Book Bargains Coming Soon! (Real Soon)

New cover for Army of The Nameless up there. Still a prototype. It kind of gives me a headache if I stare at it too long but it accurately represents the contents within. The finished product will be ready by the time Nameless goes up for pre-sale next month. This is just to whet the appetite and give you guys and gals an idea of what to expect.

In other news, I got three books going on sale tonight. These are Countdown deals so strike fast and early to reap the full discount. The sale starts tonight at Midnight Pacific Time and ends Midnight March 16th. Links and blurbs below:

Hero of Twilight (Revised and Expanded)

Hero of Twilight (Revised and Expanded) (UK)

The Hero of Twilight is a tale of hope amidst tragedy, of uncertain destinies, love and loss, and the metamorphosis of innocence into painful experience.

On a frigid winter's day, young Bathmal Arined, a youth with nothing in life but the clothes on his back and the cold love of his mother, encounters an old knight from a dying Order.The knight speaks of the glory days of old, when the world was Wild and heroes were commonplace against the resulting evils.

The encounter will send Bathmal down a road that will begin and end with death.

The world grows Wild once more.




Ex-con Leo Dudley is on the run for murder. With him are his best friend’s girlfriend and Sandy, her three year old daughter.

Under the guise of a young family looking for guidance, they settle in amongst the tight-knit religious community of Crossroads.

But not long after their arrival, strange and terrifying things begin to happen all across the small town, and as time goes on, Leo begins to wonder what kind of nightmare he’d walked into…or if the nightmare was something he’d brought with him?


Children of The Forgotten

Children of The Forgotten (UK)

The Vrilkist, an advanced alien race bent on galactic conquest and annihilation, has been eating away at the borders of The Imperial Confederation of Ertho—an empire already plagued by rebel and separatists factions—in an ongoing war.
The three front conflict has left the empire short on fighters and material while the Vrilkist, in contrast, appear to have unlimited resources and firepower. Desperate, the empire gathers everything it has to launch a last ditch assault on the enemy. Success will buy the empire time to regroup and restock; failure will mean the end of everything.
Cornelius Coleman, student, pugilist, loner, soon becomes a reluctant player within the larger scheme when he is conscripted to fight in the imperial forces. His journey will begin on Old Earth, but it will end very far away.

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